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Important information: Page One Evolution will ONLY be available for 7 days. Due to expected high demand in this product, the price will gradually increase as the week passes. Get it while it’s cheap.

Panda & Penguin feared the day. Now the day is here.

Well folks, it looks like the day has finally arrived. The day that we all have eagerly been waiting for. It is the release day of Page One Evolution, the new SEO Course of 2013 that looks extremely promising. As promised, I’ll give my personal opinion on this, as well as the pros and cons of this product.


For those of you who have been sleeping under a rock lately. Page One Evolution is a brand new SEO course that works through methods and techniques to skyrocket your websites to the top of Google. If there ever was a game of thrones, page one evolution would be the one sitting in the throne. The reason for Page one evolutions existance is simple, there is a demand for new techniques and tricks among SEO people. People want to know the latest, I want to know the latest, you want to know it too!

Page One Evolution gives us the chance to know it, knowledge comes at a price and luckily, its only 7 dollars.

You might be wondering who made this SEO course, the answer to that question is, Aidan Booth did. Aidan is a successful person who earns his money through websites. It is his tricks & techniques that you will learn through page one evolution. This is not his first product, he is well known for his professional attitude and all of his latest products has been successful as well.

Page One Evolution Review.


- Extremely affordable price tag.

- Over 60 pages of amazing SEO content.

- Perfect for both begginers & professionals.

- High Quality product with lots of work put in to it.

- Step-by-Step videos and a brand new plugin.


- Extra content costs extra money.

- Not everyone will afford extra content.

After getting a chance to have a look at Aidan’s latest works. I can only say that this is definitely something that you don’t want to miss out on. These techniques will help you gain the advantage and boost your website to its full potential.

So, if we start with the pros, it is a fact that page one evolution is available for an insanely low price, the truth is that you will earn that back with these techniques in no time. Personally, I feel that he basically is giving this away for free.

The 60+ pages are so well written. It really goes in to detail and explains to you how you  can take advantage of this. I started working on a new website while reading haha, I guess I was too excited. I will most likely make an update later on to show you my results with this.

I also said that this is perfect for both beginners and professionals. I don’t see myself as a professional, more like an intermediate, somewhere in between so to speak. What I noticed however, was that it was easy to understand and I did learn new things which means that yes, It will teach you new stuff. I would in fact say that it will be your websites evolution.

The high quality of this seo course was never really something i doubted. It’s Aidan that we’re talking about. People know that he delivers and my trust in him has increased, I also see why he has become so successful.

Of course, everything has its flaws and so does Page One Evolution. On to the cons.

I wrote earlier that if you want extra content, you have to pay extra money. This is something i consider as bad because not everyone will be able to afford that. The extra money will be for the plugins and such. If you know that you can afford it, you shouldnt hesitate because it will give you a bigger advantage due to the fact that you’re going to utilize the full potential of page one evolution.

I guess most of us understand that extra content always cost extra money and it’s fully understandable. But from what I got to have a look at I can only say that Page One Evolution will give you a better knowledge about SEO, you get to learn what Aidan knows and that’s a plus.

If I were to rate this product I would give it 4 out of 5, simply because it’s solid, it teaches you what it promises and you will be satisfied, which in my opinion, is what I want from a product. I hope you enjoyed reading my personal opinion on this new product. As I said earlier, you can buy page one evolution directly from my website. Have a nice day and I hope to see you soon.

/ Jonathan.

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One day left

A couple of hours until the release of Page One Evolution

There  isn’t much time left now. We’re approaching the release date of page one evolution and I hope that everyone is excited. As you all know, there will be the option to purchase page one evolution from here and there’s also the chance to read the page one evolution review. One of the most exciting features in my opinion, is the 60+ pages of sweet content. I believe it will be the most useful tips and that is really something you need these days. New tips, tricks and techniques are always appreciated and that is something I always look for.

Penguin and Panda got no chance again page one evolution

Penguin and Panda got no chance against page one evolution

SEO Tip of The Day – Carefully Research Keywords

Today’s SEO tip is the following: Keywords need to be carefully researched and dont go for a whole bunch of different keywords, stick to a few KEY ones. One other tip is to compile a list of the keywords for your niche and then start to go through them and decide how you are going to utilize them on your websites. And the most important thing is to don’t overdo them on your page. That’ll make it look unnatural.

Two Days Left

You heard me. There’s only 2 days left.

Tick tock, tick tock. Time is ticking and our approach to page one evolution is closer than ever before. My thirst for the knowledge hidden inside is immense! It’s about time we get to take on that big google panda and beat it(no we don’t support animal abuse!)

SEO Tip of The Day – Create a Great Keyword Phrase

This is very important because you want to rank for your specific keyword. You can always try to include your keyword in the actual website adress but there’s a chance that it’ll cost ya money. This blog for example, it’s free of charge and has a dot wordpress in the end which isn’t exactly optimal but it works. I do however recommend a real website adress.

Three Days Left

Only Three Days Left Now

It is now only 3 days left until Page One Evolution is available for purchase. That also means that there is a review coming and you should be very excited!

SEO Tip of The Day – Create Good Content

Yup, It is always good to great content that people will appreciate. Readers will stay and Google seem to like it as well. People tend to spread websites with good content too so that is a plus for sure. Things to keep in mind is that it should be informative, well written and as unique as possible.


Four Days Left

Four Days Left Until The Release of Page One Evolution

Closer than we were before! There is only four days left until we get to witness the release of what could be the best SEO Course of 2013. The Questions is, will it live up to its expectations? That, we will see in a couple of days as I will be making a review of the whole course.

SEO Tip of The Day – Optimize Images

Why would you wanna do that? The thing is, Google cannot see your image for what it is. It can only read what you have provided. Therefore, it is very important to name your images correctly and make it easier for Google to understand what it is dealing with.

Google only rely on the text provided by you and it is not actually looking at the picture the way you are.


A Quick Update

We are getting really close to launch date!

Hello there fellas! Sorry it has been so long since I last updated. Man, are we getting close to release or what? There are not many days left until the 4th and what happens on the 4th? WHAT! You dont know? It is the release of Page One Evolution!

I am sure Aidan is working his ass off to get a smooth launch of his new SEO Course. I am so excited about this product. Cannot wait til i get my hands on it so I can make a page one evolution review for all of you readers.

So what exactly do we know about Page One Evolution? We do know that it is going to be available for a really good price. It is going to contain some absolutely fantastic methods that will skyrocket your website to the top. We know about the plugin being released to the public. Is there anything else? There is! If you missed anything, I recommend you to read my little preview below. It has some valuable information that I am sure you will appreciate. I am going to post yet another update just before the release so stay tuned for Page One Evolution, the SEO course that will change a lot!

Perhaps I should mention the SEO Tips that you can find in the top right corner. It got some pretty useful tips ya know!